Individual works that are downloadable are downloadable from their pages. All Sessions are released under the Session License. Downloading a Session constitutes a defacto agreement to this License.

Authority Session I

Critic Session I

Discourse Session I

Memories Session I

Value Session I

Authority Session II

Discourse Session II

Memories Session II

Value Session II

Survival Session III

VPKW Critique and Analysis System

Universal Seminar

Printing Instructions for Downloadable Work:

Print all documents double-sided. If your printer supports double-sided printing, that works fine for the Session booklets. However, I would recommend manually turning over the sheets of cards, as most printers will insert extra margins if printing double-sided, which will cause the cards' alignment to fail. Of course, the cards work just fine without the backs and you can just print the fronts if you like, it will just make for a harder time distinguishing the decks when you're finished with your Session.
After your cards are printed, trim the ¼ in (6.35mm) margin from the sides and the ½ in (12.7mm) margin from the top and bottom of the sheet, then cut all the way down the middle the long way and every 2.5in (63.5mm) across the short way. You should be left with 8 cards, each 2.5in (63.5mm) tall and 4in (101.6mm) wide. Alternatively, you can use pre-fabricated cards, as the alignment corresponds to Avery Template 8373.
Printing out all the cards can be kind of a hassle for Sessions with few components, so I recommend copying down the card text on index cards by hand. This also makes it easy to make changes on the fly! For Sessions with a lot of cards, like Memories Session II, it's best to print them out and then cut them apart with a long-arm cuttern or rotary cutter. A ruler and exacto knife will work if you're really good at it. If you know someone who scrapbooks or works in an office, you're set.